BookWhale: Book Pickup Program

“Karang Guni, xiu poh zhua gu sa kor, pai leh-lio, dian si ki…”, remember those days when we have Karung Gunis going door-to-door collecting recyclables such as dated newspapers, old clothes, spoilt radios and TVs?

Running out of space? Feeling very sayang to throw your books away? Fret not, Moby the BookWhale is here to help! Book an appointment with us in the Messenger bubble on this page and we’ll pick those books up at your doorstep!*


Why are we doing this?
We are booklovers ourselves and we feel sad every-time a book gets thrown away. This is a free service for booklovers in sunny/rainy Singapore. We pick your books up, clean, sort, and sell them at cheap prices to benefit other booklovers!

Why sell these books?
Selling them also helps to cover our transport and operations costs to keep alive. Our mission is to rejuvenate the secondhand book market in Singapore! Books that cannot be sold and comic collections will be donated to charitable organisations.

Can I sell my books to you?
No. We’re exploring a book buyback program in future though. Stay tuned.

Can you pickup anytime?
We have full-time jobs so we will only be able to pickup your books on the weekends or after working hours.

Take note, we will need a minimum of 20 books for each pickup. We do not accept all books. Certain books such as textbooks, dictionaries, assessment books, study guides, magazines, encyclopediae/reference books or damaged books may not be eligible for pickup. We may however help you to transport them to the recycle bin, on a case-by-case basis.